Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malum is finished!

Finally. Fuck that took too long. Right now there are copies available at 5 record and book stores in SF. (Thrillhouse records @ 3oth and mission, Aquarious Records @ 21st and valencia, Dog Earred books @ 20th and valencia, Modern Times @ 20th and valencia, Needles and Pens @ 16th and Guerrero).

I am shipping the copies to Deathwish tomorrow. so those of you that are mail ordering, keep your eye on the DW e-Store in the next week. Check the link below.

I have some more copies to distro, so NYC and Philly can keep your eyes peeled.

The reason things took too long is because of my foolish dedication to keeping the cost down. Malum is retailed at $5. If it were paid for legit. they would cost me $8 a copy to make. Do the math. So the solution was "Damn the man!". I shoplifted over 30 cases of transparencies from multiple chain office supply stores. Those things are hard to steal. big boxes. Some were also bought using stolen store credit. I have to thank one of my best freinds in the world Mr. Mike Straight for providing me with some goods to return for store credit. He helped a lot. Also an employee at a certain copy center helped tremendously (without him it would not have happened) in printing these for less than cost. Chon, I fucking love you.

Also thanks to Allicia and Ross for all your help. I f'n love you too.

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Anagrama Orgânico said...

Hi. I tried to look for an email address, but I just couldn't find. I would love to submit a short story for an upcoming release of Malum, can you contact me back please?