Monday, July 27, 2009

Palm and fury....

Saturday there will be copies of Eye In The Sky available at the 12 Gauge merch table.

Sunday there will be a variant version of the Hapless, Hopeless, Trespass cassette single. This version comes in a black vinyl O-card with the letters HHT stenciled in high gloss white on the front. there will be one hundred only and they are 1.99 each.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the following

1. go straight to the trash talk table.

2. There will be a third version of the Hapless Hopeless Trespass single in the near future. It will be only available on the internet through 12 Gauge records.

3. 100 glass beer bottles at the COA merch table at S&F (If all goes to plan they will be ready. Fingers crossed.)

4. In the somewhat distant future: STZ Lady Death Singles boxed set/Care Package. The first 3 lady death songs Re-recorded plus an all new fourth lady death song. All on a 3" cd inside a 4" box with a book a button maybe a temporary tattoo maybe a cloth patch. all sorts of wild shit. It's up in the air but someday it will happen. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

STZ: Hapless, Hopeless, Trespass.

Sabertooth Zombie has teamed up with Palm (what a stupid thing to say) to create a cassette single containing 2 songs from the new record and 2 new songs available exclusively on this release.

Side 'A':

Grim And Hapless ("And your fathers..." version.)
I Am Trespass (Acoustic version, recorded on Annie's back porch.)

Side 'O':

Grim And Hopeless ("And your fathers..." version.)
I Am Trespass (Fully loud version. This is the only release you will ever hear this song on.)

The tapes are all hand made. Limited to 100 copies available at the show posted below. The card the cassette comes in is hand stamped about 10 times, hand cut, hand glued, and hand numbered (how many hands is that?).

The cassettes will be available for purchase at the great price of $1.99 this coming weekend at 924 Gilman St. in berkeley ca.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The shit has hit the DAN

Jobless. Broke. Pissed.

My lap top has been destroyed. It contained all the files for the next palm release. It WAS Malum 2. I was going to be printing on Sunday but that is looking pretty fucking grim. If you have a way to help me call me.

it's not like anybody reads this bullshit anyways so fuck a duck.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The third release from palm is a photo-zine highlighting the work of Ross Farrar. A collection of over 20 black and white images, captured from Ross' lens. The images are stark and beautiful as well as violent and obscene. A myriad of fleeting moments captured and compiled into a hand stamped zine.
Gravesight is available through Deathwish (click the link) as well as directly from Ceremony at their up coming so cal shows with Lewd Acts.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EYE IN THE SKY is finished...

It's available at Deathwish RIGHT NOW!!!

we have been working long and hard making the weirdest zine you have ever seen. The goal is to make you a little dizzy. Hopefully someone will puke from it. It's called EYE IN THE SKY and it's the psychotic/psychedelic brain child of Cody Sullivan. It is the second release from Palm Publications (unless threatening valentines count).

What you get: Ten short stories, Each consisting of exactly 100 words (called drabbles). Read by Cody Sullivan and set to sounds and music all on one audio cassette.

As if that's not enough, you are able to read along via neon green t-shirt printed inside out and backwards.

Extras: It comes in a hand printed or spray-paint stenciled package (each out of 100). Inside you will find an Instructions card, a stick of incense, and a "googly" eye to do with whatever you wish.

Deathwish will have some later this week/ early next week. Keep checking back for details.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Copies Of Malum Vol. 1 In New York City

Dear Residents Of New York,

Or should I say neighbors! There are copies of Malum Vol. 1 at St. Mark's Bookshop in Manhattan, which is located on Third Avenue and St. Mark's Street...right next to the McDonald's. They're five dollars! Which is way cheap. If they run out of copies I'll bring in more. While you're in the area, get a salad at Yaffa Cafe with carrot dressing and lots of avocado. Highly recommended.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming soon....................

Coming very soon from Cody Sullivan............
Is Cody going insane? Will you go with him?Drabble: A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, although the term is often misused to indicate a short story of fewer than 1000 words. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.


an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite.
a system or collection of religious or other rites.

Get ready for that.

Coming soon from Zed Cutsinger........

What do sexual perversion, comedy and the restaurant industry have in common? Maybe Zed can answer that one in "LE MORT QUOTIDIEN".

Malum is finished!

Finally. Fuck that took too long. Right now there are copies available at 5 record and book stores in SF. (Thrillhouse records @ 3oth and mission, Aquarious Records @ 21st and valencia, Dog Earred books @ 20th and valencia, Modern Times @ 20th and valencia, Needles and Pens @ 16th and Guerrero).

I am shipping the copies to Deathwish tomorrow. so those of you that are mail ordering, keep your eye on the DW e-Store in the next week. Check the link below.

I have some more copies to distro, so NYC and Philly can keep your eyes peeled.

The reason things took too long is because of my foolish dedication to keeping the cost down. Malum is retailed at $5. If it were paid for legit. they would cost me $8 a copy to make. Do the math. So the solution was "Damn the man!". I shoplifted over 30 cases of transparencies from multiple chain office supply stores. Those things are hard to steal. big boxes. Some were also bought using stolen store credit. I have to thank one of my best freinds in the world Mr. Mike Straight for providing me with some goods to return for store credit. He helped a lot. Also an employee at a certain copy center helped tremendously (without him it would not have happened) in printing these for less than cost. Chon, I fucking love you.

Also thanks to Allicia and Ross for all your help. I f'n love you too.