Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EYE IN THE SKY is finished...

It's available at Deathwish RIGHT NOW!!!


we have been working long and hard making the weirdest zine you have ever seen. The goal is to make you a little dizzy. Hopefully someone will puke from it. It's called EYE IN THE SKY and it's the psychotic/psychedelic brain child of Cody Sullivan. It is the second release from Palm Publications (unless threatening valentines count).

What you get: Ten short stories, Each consisting of exactly 100 words (called drabbles). Read by Cody Sullivan and set to sounds and music all on one audio cassette.

As if that's not enough, you are able to read along via neon green t-shirt printed inside out and backwards.

Extras: It comes in a hand printed or spray-paint stenciled package (each out of 100). Inside you will find an Instructions card, a stick of incense, and a "googly" eye to do with whatever you wish.

Deathwish will have some later this week/ early next week. Keep checking back for details.


BLACKDOG. said...


Z said...

Wait, that valentine's card was supposed to be threating?

Palm publications said...

the valentine was supposed to LOOK threatening

Eros said...

how would one go about contributing to future volumes of eye in the sky, malum or other future publications?