Monday, June 15, 2009

STZ: Hapless, Hopeless, Trespass.

Sabertooth Zombie has teamed up with Palm (what a stupid thing to say) to create a cassette single containing 2 songs from the new record and 2 new songs available exclusively on this release.

Side 'A':

Grim And Hapless ("And your fathers..." version.)
I Am Trespass (Acoustic version, recorded on Annie's back porch.)

Side 'O':

Grim And Hopeless ("And your fathers..." version.)
I Am Trespass (Fully loud version. This is the only release you will ever hear this song on.)

The tapes are all hand made. Limited to 100 copies available at the show posted below. The card the cassette comes in is hand stamped about 10 times, hand cut, hand glued, and hand numbered (how many hands is that?).

The cassettes will be available for purchase at the great price of $1.99 this coming weekend at 924 Gilman St. in berkeley ca.

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actionxjackson said...

Dan! Hey dood, does this have any sort of official catalog #? I'm documenting this on discogs. Your previous release was that zine which is listed on deathwish as "PALM003," so I'm assuming this might be "PALM004"?