Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hand Job.

The indelible human mark. Plastered in red clay onto cave walls. Keep it going. Form a linear chain of creation and find Palm: Mixed Media smashed somewhere between ten billion other creative projects in our ugly modern world. A used condom. A billboard covered with fifty years of worthless shit. A website where you can buy used socks for masturbatory purposes. And then here we are. A vague echo of man's instinctual creative nature.

Today you can walk down any block in the white business neighborhood of any major city and find a place that offers "Palm Readings". Fifty years ago those places were the same as massage parlors. You are not getting a traditional massage and you can't tell the future by looking at your hands. We are offering palm readings. Take that as a witty punn or take it to mean that we intend to jerk you off. Just check back here for updates.

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