Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malum Vol. 1

Palm has finshed our first publication. Malum is a colection of short stories focusing on being injured, broken, sick or shattered.

The Collector and the Merging of Consciousness by Cody Sullivan deals with the idea of a reverse out of body experience.

My Enjoyment by Brewster is a personal account detailing the fragility of our youthful bodies and how young ignorance can often shadow our ability to tell the good ideas from the bad.

Witchunt by Ross Farrar focuses on the phenominon of sleep paralysis and the terror involved.

Adamantium Isn't Real by Zed Cutsinger is the story of young man's exploits in love and risking life and limb.

Malum comes as a side stapled 8.5" X 11" book. 22 pages. The Chapter breaks between each author have dual over-laying, clear plastic transparencies which feature x-rays, and various medical diagrams.

The book comes in a hand stamped white envelope and is numbered out of 250.

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